Paccioni ‘Elegante Positivo’ 2021


PACCIONI ‘ELEGANTE POSITIVO’ 2021, is a two tone watch collection with a range of seven magnificent models which has been designed to assist you in keeping a positive frame of mind on a daily basis.

On the case back there are some simple key points of leading a positive and we feel if you can do this, it can lift yours and other people’s spirits

  • ‘Treat people the way you like to be treated’
  • ‘Remember there is always someone less fortunate than yourself’
  • ‘A simple act of kindness goes a long way’

Just these key points we believe can lead to a more positive outlook on daily life.

Available in brilliant white dial with a choice of black, white, navy or grey genuine leather straps or deluxe navy blue dial with a choice of navy, grey or white genuine leather straps making up the magnificent seven options to choose from! With raised gold numerals and date feature on the dial, this Paccioni watch collection offers you Elegance & Positivity.


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